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Supply of Gamma Radiography and NDT Equipment and Accessories

TICS (Private) Limited is a licensee of the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority to import and supply radioactive material.

We have supplied a number of gamma radiography projectors, radiography sources, X-ray machines, film viewers, and radiation safety equipment to licensees of the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority throughout Pakistan.

We offer one-window services, i.e., import/re-export documentation, import of equipment, NOC arrangement, customs clearance, delivery of equipment at customer premises and return of empty transport containers back to the manufacturer to the satisfaction of our customers.

Supply of Cathodic Protection Equipment

Cathodic Protection Equipment and consumables such as anodes (HSCI, MMO, High Potential Magnesium, and Aluminum Alloy), CP cables, splicing kits, test and junction boxes, and transformer rectifiers (TR) are also supplied as per the customer’s specifications and requirements.