Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

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NDT services are provided as per the following details:

Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing (Wet Fluorescent and Visible)

These tests are used for recognizing defects or imperfections in the gas turbine rotary blades, compressor stationary vanes, turbine stationary nozzles, turbine shrouds, liners, combustion transition piece, combustion fuel nozzles, combustion crossfire tube, and balance of plant (BOP) during outages at customer premises.

Remote Visual Inspections through Video Borescope:

It is used for the detection of internal cracks and corrosion.

A video borescope uses a high-intensity light source and advanced image processing for clearer, sharper video and still image quality.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

Ultrasonic flaw detection is used to detect discontinuities in welds, adjacent heat-affected zones, and base metals made of steel or ferritic materials. This technique is also used for inspections of shafts in the sugar industry. It is used for dimensioning indications for comparison with the referencing code.

Typical types of discontinuities that can be detected by this method are cracks, incomplete fusion, incomplete penetration, misalignment, overlap, porosity, root-concavity, undercut, burn-through, excessive or inadequate reinforcement, laminations, inclusions, etc.

Inspections are performed using the pulse echo technique by deploying probes B2S, MB2S, MWB 60-2, and 70-2 to recognize defects or imperfections in the shafts.

Interpretation of Tests

These tests are performed by qualified personnel, using approved consumables and calibrated testing equipment.

Interpretations of these test are performed as per customer specifications and relevant international standards.