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Cathodic Protection (CP) System

Services for design calculations, material supply, installation, and commissioning of cathodic protection systems to protect underground structures such as pipelines, well casings, vessels, and above ground storage tank’s bottoms are provided.

Impressed current and sacrificial cathodic protection systems are installed as per design requirements.

A sacrificial CP system with aluminium alloy anodes for protection of the internal surfaces of vessels and tanks is also offered.

CP material, e.g. High-silicon chromium iron, MMO anodes, high-potential magnesium and aluminum alloy anodes, CP cables, splicing kits, test and junction boxes with rheostats and shunts, reference electrodes, cadmium welds, cable bonding chemicals, and transformer rectifier units are provided as per design specifications and the BOQ.

A technical audit of the installed CP system is conducted, and maintenance services are also offered as per requirement.