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Calibration of Measuring & Monitoring Equipment

Remote Visual Inspections through Video Borescope

Instrument calibration services are provided for the following parameters:

Parameter setting of HART protocol instruments, e.g., level, pressure, flow and temperature transmitters is carried out with field communicator.

Loop testing services of field instrument are also offered at customer’s sites.

On site calibration of weighing bridges and weighing scales is also carried out.

During the calibration Reference Standards are used with National and International traceability.

Calibration of Storage Tanks and Mobile Bowzers

Calibration of vertical and horizontal storage tanks is performed as per relevant API standards. Services for liquid calibration with water are also provided where required. The metering system is verified with a 500-liter SS prover tank at site conditions before liquid calibration.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) Testing

Services of machining, lapping, leakage testing, and pop-up pressure setting of PSV’s up to 1500 psig with nitrogen gas are provided at customer premises.